Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Soooo I am toying with the idea of competing in the FAME WEST competition. It's not until March. I have no idea what category I would fit into or would best suit me. The dieting factor will be hard for me as I will need to lean out...that means I will need to boost up the cardio.

I think it is important to have goals. Since leaving the competetive world of Track and Field I haven't really been working towards anything. Maybe this is just what I need.

I think that I am just going to buckle down and do it. I think it may help me get some more fitness modeling stuff on the go...and that is something that I really want to do in 2009. Hrmmm thoughts? Opinions? Advice?

Anyone reading this blog who has competed in FAME pleaseeeeee send me a message!

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