Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love Yourself & Get Inspired

I was actually looking forward to coming home from work to write to you :) Today was a day full of ups and downs. Luckily my two best friends at work Lawrence and Greg are always good to cheer me up. Their friendship means a lot to me. I had a bad evening and even contemplated calling in sick, but as usual I trudged myself there. So I immediately reminded Greg that he owed me a workout. I needed to destress. I had trained both he and Lawrence last week in an attempt to make them puke which I almost succeeded at. LOL! But it was fun. So Greg trained me at 12pm...and I am pretty sure he chose every exercise and muscle group that I hate to train, and even made my hamstrings cramp up. On top of that I was doing squats with the medball followed by shoulder press...oh wait while jumping up and down from a step...I actually threw the ball away on rep number 10 out of 20. I am doing really high reps in everything in attempts to lean out and slim down. I've lost about 10lbs since just doing the femsport thing so I am looking pretty decent. Got a nice 6 pack going on that everyone I work with seems to be mentioning. :) I feel the fittest that I have in a long time, but I still have quite a bit to go before I reach my goal. After our workout I did 20 minutes spinning and then a 30 minute abs class. It's great working at a gym because when you don't have any clients you can train :)

While at work today I realized that our personal relationships outside of work will wiggle their way into our work and our hobbies and eventually every other aspect of life. It is so ridiculous how somethings effect me so much that they effect my behavior at work, with friends and even when I am working out. I am sure the same goes for many of you. If something in your personal life isn't quite right it seeps into everything that you do. In the book I am currently reading "DO YOU" by Russell Simmons...I know I know...but really that man is a genius! He preaches about getting your mind right, self love, and meditation. He is absolutely right. I have started doing some serious self examination and discovery. I love myself. This is important to love yourself and set high expectations because at the end of the day it is you looking back at yourself in the mirror. One of the members today told me that "TIME is the key to everything." I believe him! Why shouldn't I? The man owns a diamond mind and drive a bullet proof mercedes. LOL He and Russell are both right, you need to first love yourself and it doesn't matter whatever is going on externally. Those are things that you cannot control, and give things TIME! Time heals wounds and the member told me today that the truth always comes out over time. You can't push it, it just happens. Also in todays society we all want instant gratification, and instant results. Training takes self discipline and time in order to achieve realistic and healthy goals. Perfection is never rushed.

One last was a tough day but I looked at the people that I was surrounded by at work, and they are all people who inspire me. Whether it be the member who is in the gym everyday trying to shed 40lbs or the man who has 0% body fat , right to the trainer who trains so many clients he is unfit because he does not have time to train himself...they all inspire me in one way or another. I tell myself that I honestly have no excuse to give up on my dreams, no matter how difficult it is. In times when I feel hurt, angry, upset and depressed I think of all these people who are working so hard and have found happiness and I get inspired to find that for myself in my personal life, financial settings and work, and so should you.

Go love yourself today and get inspired.

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